Sunday, April 21, 2013

What Would Kermit Think?

Thousands of gay Australians are expected to frolick to New Zealand for their very own Rainbow Connection, now we've passed laws approving same-sex marriage.
NZ this week became the 13th country to approve same-sex marriage, and the first in the Asia-Pacific region.
Rainbow Connections ain't a happening thang over in Oz – and it's estimated the country could miss out on a A$700 million boost to its economy, with much of that money instead skipping joyfully across to Godzone. When same-sex marriage was recognised in the US state of New York in 2011, it brought US$259m of economic benefits in the first year, through travel, hotel and reception arrangements, catering, sightseeing etc.
Our legislation comes into effect in August but Australian law doesn't recognise same-sex marriages entered into overseas. Tourism NZ's GM for Australia, Tim Burgess, thinks however that ''…it'll bring a positive impact in visitor numbers from Australia. NZ is already the No.1 holiday choice for Australians going overseas [1.15 million visited last year], so why not the No.1 same-sex marriage destination?''
What I want to know is: would Kermit approve???

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