Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chch Heritage Saves Chch Heritage

One of Christchurch's oldest stone churches could be fully restored after a new buyer has come forward.
The former Trinity Congregational Church, corner of Manchester and Worcester Sts, was put up for sale this month after a potential buyer, businessman Richard Lloyd, couldn't raise $1.5m of restoration funds.
Owner Alan Slade has now found a buyer who plans to completely restore the historic building and rebuild the earthquake-shattered tower too. Christchurch Heritage, a charity that aims to restore historic buildings in the city, has made a conditional offer on the former church.
Restoration's been estimated at $3 million, with $1m of that granted by the Christchurch City Council. Christchurch Heritage chairman Derek Anderson: "It'll be quite a battle. There's a lot of money to be spent on it. It is a very damaged building." The organisation is investigating how the building could be used once it was restored. "You can't just have it sit there. It's a waste of time to restore it, if it's not used."
The church was bought in 1993 by Alan and Lorraine Slade, who opened restaurant and concert venue Octagon Live.
That Christchurch Heritage has stepped in front of any potential CERA wrecking ball is wonderful news! I just hope its budget doesn't blow out, thus stranding another of Chch's classics to the whim of Gerry "Who Ate All The Pies?" Brownlee. The church, built between 1873-1875, has a NZ Historic Place Trust Cat.1 listing...not that that's stopped CERA before!

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Sandy said...

This is such SUCH good news :))))) May it be the first of many positive outcomes.