Tuesday, April 2, 2013

More Of YOUR Money Wasted On Bro TV!

It's baa-ack! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
There'll be another series of the controversial reality TV show The GC, backed by more than $400,000 in public funding.
Te Mangai Pahu (The Maori Broadcasting Funding Agency) is contributing $419,000 for eight 30-minute episodes, which follow the lives of young Maori on the Gold Coast - the same amount as supplied by NZ On Air out of the public coffers for the first series.
CEO John Bishara's confident The GC fulfils the Maori cultural components it needs to qualify for funding. Really??? He says the show attracts a large Maori audience, so it would be hard to see why the agency wouldn't grasp the opportunity. Riiiiiight! NBR suggests Te Mangai Pahu seemed not to be taking much professional pride in its decision, as it was slipped onto its website after 5pm last Thursday, heading into the Easter holiday. Production of the series begins later this year.
MediaWorks spokesman Rachel Lorimer said TV3 would also put its own money into the show: she wouldn't say how much, but less than $420,000.
The first series scored public funding, with an idea about Maori families and small business people who'd migrated to Queensland's Gold Coast (aka "The GC"). It copped flak when the show evolved into the night-clubbing lifestyle of some buff, boozed and bonking 20-somethings, with brains at half-mast and more focus on their dicks than Te Reo.
NBR reports Te Mangai Paho as saying, in making decisions, it takes into consideration the govt's long term Maori language goals. These include "that the Maori language will be widely spoken by Maori" - certainly not a description anyone could apply to The GC!

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