Monday, April 1, 2013

The Dream Surfer

Do you recognise this man?
Ever seen your dreams?
Every night throughout the world, hundreds dream about this face. He is referred to only as 'This Man' by the people who see him.
Who IS he?
In January 2006, a patient of a New York psychiatrist described a man, who had turned up repeatedly in her dreams and given her advice on her life. The patient drew a picture of the man and was certain she'd never met him before in her waking life. The portrait sat forgotten on the pychiatrist's desk for a few days...until another patient saw it and identified the man as a frequent visitor in HIS dreams. Creepy? You ain't heard nothing yet! The psychiatrist sent the drawing to some colleagues: several of their patients also recognised the face!
According to the This Man website, from January 2006 until now, at least 2000 people claim to have seen This Man in their dreams, all over the world: Los Angeles, Berlin, Sao Paulo, Tehran, Beijing, Rome, Barcelona, Stockholm, Paris, New Delhi, Moscow etc.
Is he God? Satan? A "dream surfer" jumping from one sleeping mind to another? Or something else entirely? At the moment there is no common trait among the people who have dreamed of seeing this man. But he's caught so many people's imaginations (as well as dreams) that several songs have been written about him!
Plenty of theories abound: that this man is the image of the Creator so the words he utters should be followed by the dreamers; or the Dream Imitation theory - that people are dreaming of him only because they want to; or a really wierd one called the 'Dream Surfer' theory - that this is a REAL man who has somehow found a way to
Carlos the Jackal
intrude into our dreams.
When I saw This Man's picture, I immediately thought, if he was wearing glasses, he could be Vladimir Illich Ramirez, the terrorist known as The Jackal!
Is that just my imagination? Or a dream? Or a Vulcan mind-meld? Will we ever know...?

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