Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pet Or Pest?

In absurd animal news, a retired man in Argentina has discovered that his toy poodle pets...are actually two large ferrets pumped with steroids.
The man paid just NZ$90 for the two ferrets at La Salada, Argentina's largest bazaar, in Buenos Aires. The going rate for two toy poodle pups in Argentina would have been closer to NZ$1,200. Hmmm, ya know what they say: if the deal seems too good to be true, then it probably IS!
Which one's which...?
Well, this chump only found out that the beady-eyed 'puppies' were in fact large ferrets stuffed with steroids when he took them to his local vet. The veterinarian told him the ferrets had been given steroids at birth to increase their size, and then had some extra grooming to make their coats resemble a fluffy toy poodle!
And this isn't the only time someone's been suckered by drugged-up ferrets in Argentina either. A woman says she suffered from the same scam when buying a Chihuahua at the very same market.
It's unknown what these duped pet owners did with their freaked-up ferrets...

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