Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Tumultuous World Of Television

If it ain't broken, why fix it?
NZ tv viewers are constantly scratching their heads, with change after change in local television, seemingly for no other reason than...change.
As of next year, TV One's 9-noon Good Morning morphs into a shortened, one-hour form, with no guarantees that hosts Rod Cheeseman and Jeanette Thomas will be there.
Good Morning lost viewers after it ditched former hosts ex-sportsman Brendan Pongia and all-round nice gal-next-door Sarah Bradley at the end of 2011. Mind you, Pongia was sooooooo metrosexual that he came across as gay (er, that's in the '70s sense!). But Bradley was a definite loss - she WAS Good Morning and seemed to relate perfectly with the target demographic.
Good Morning's ratings took another hit when The Shopping Channel launched at the beginning of October. However, TVNZ says the new channel had no bearing on its decision to reduce the show from three hours to one. Riiiiiiiiight. The show has been attracting around 70K viewers this year against the Bradley version at 80K.
Just who'll front Good Morning will be announced in the new year. Perhaps Paul Henry??? Sorry, really bad joke! Y'see, TVNZ faced "internal opposition" in its newsroom over proposals to offer the dickshit a role fronting the 7pm replacement to Close Up on TV One next year. In other words, if he walks in here, we walk out!
"I am da GREATEST!"
Henry, in an "exclusive" NZ Woman's Weekly story: "TVNZ did offer me the job as host of the show to replace Close Up." He whose Ten Breakfast show crashed and burned, says he is "by far the best person to do the job".
Oh, puh-leez! TVNZ says PH was approached (along with other potentials), but not offered the job. Henry had a non-compete agreement with NZ's MediaWorks for the Australian Ten Network, and this prevented him going back to TVNZ as it would have been a breach of contract. However, if a legal bypass had been found, the proverbial would've hit the fan among staff.
So who'll get the 7pm and Good Morning slots? TVNZ's not exactly awash with fresh talent these days. Gotta wonder then why it keeps constantly fiddlin' with its shows: too much of that, and it'll go blind!

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