Thursday, November 15, 2012

Breakfast Is Toast

Australia's Channel TEN has finally axed its breakfast tv, after 9mths of subjecting ever-decreasing numbers of citizens to the puerile prattling of that loathsome and unpopular New Zealand host Paul Henry.
...and he can't even tuck
his damned shirt in either!
Following ratings that nosedived faster than a faulty Qantas jet (just 40,000 viewers nationally a day), Paul's Henry's Breakfast will end on November 30. That's the same day that many of the 100+ TEN staff who've been given redundancy will have their last day at work.
Before Breakfast was cancelled, resentment was so high against Henry that staff were threatening to boycott the Christmas party if he turned up! "Staff feel he is being protected while they lose their jobs. The mood is savage in the newsroom. Staff won't look at him when he walks in the room."
Henry boasted of securing a $1 million contract from TEN: it's unclear whether that was $1m for three years or $1m for every year, but either way, he's likely to be paid out at least part of that.
The whisper is that Henry is tipped to head up a new project at TVNZ - but TVNZ will neither confirm nor deny. It is possible it's re-hiring the dickshit to present the new 7pm show replacing Close Up, planned to start on TV One next year. It's a show he's always wanted to front, but he shot himself in the foot when he made fun of Indian minister Sheila Dikshit's name on TVNZ Breakfast.
Yea, BITE me!
If he does come back to TVNZ it'd be to a very different environment. News is now run by Ross Dagan, far more conservative than his predecessor. It's doubtful that Dagan would take the risk that Henry has mass appeal and would work at 7pm. And the newly announced executive producer for the show is also conservative...the complete opposite of Henry.
Can you see Puerile Paul thus working well at 7pm? Hmmm, methinx not.

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