Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Merry CRASSmas

Japan's cuisine is usually associated with the delicate flavours and textures of sushi...
but its national airline has opted for a completely different festive meal: KFC chicken!
Japan Airlines is serving Colonel Sanders' chicken fast-food menu on US- and Europe-bound flights, for three months from 1st December.
Each Air Kentucky meal will consist of a chicken drumstick and breast fillet with a cup of coleslaw, lettuce and bread.
JAL recommends passengers either "savour the same, unique taste of KFC’s trade secret recipe of '11 herbs and spices' as it is, or as a sandwich by sandwiching the fresh lettuce leaves and fragrant fillet in the bread, and topping it off with special mayonnaise".
Christmas in Japan is a mostly commercial festival celebrated by young people and KFC is a popular choice for a meal on December 25th.
KFC's website says its popularity on Christmas Day stems from the early 1970s, when US expats in Japan began buying its chicken as the next best thing to turkey, which was not readily available. The company says young Japanese soon picked up on the idea and the fried meat rapidly became a festive fixture.
Yeup, never let seasonal sentiment stand in the way of crass commercialism...

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