Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hobbits CAN Fly!

Air New Zealand's latest in-flight safety video has gone where no airline has gone before: deep into Middle Earth.
Called An Unexpected Briefing, it features hobbits, wizards and elves. The video was inspired by the upcoming film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. It features Oscar-winning director Sir Peter Jackson along with various cast members (eyes open for Sir PJ about 1'38" into the vid - you can't miss him! He won't get an Oscar for his acting skills, but he's having fun nonetheless!). There's also Mike and Royd Tolkien, the great-great grandsons of The Hobbit's author, JRR Tolkien.
The release of An Unexpected Briefing marks the official start of Air NZ’s two-year global marketing programme dedicated to The Hobbit trilogy. A coming feature of the airline's support of the films will be a themed aircraft that'll be unveiled prior to the movie's global premiere in Wellington at the end of this month.
PS: 24 Nov.2012 - The Hobbit jet is revealed!


Madame48 said...

This latest safety briefing is absolutely the best Air NZ has come out with yet & certainly the most informative & entertaining. I was almost ready to take the nearest exit with those silly Richard Simmons & cartoon version ones in recent times....well done Air NZ!!!

Paul said...

Agreed! THey've finally hit a home run with this.