Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Stuck In Its Own Time Warp

North Korea is frequently accused of turning back the clock on human rights, economic development and diplomacy.
But last week, the pariah nation took things to a whole new level. It announced it would adopt a new time zone – called Pyongyang Time – to cast off the legacy of "wicked Japanese imperialists".
The new time zone takes effect from August 15 to mark the 70th anniversary of the country's independence from Japanese rule at the end of WWII.
Since Japan colonised the country in 1910, its clocks have been 9hrs ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, the same as Japan and South Korea. Pyongyong's new time zone (8hrs ahead of GMT) is a wind-back to its pre-colonial past.
[North Koreans already have their own calendar. Instead of counting from the birth of Christ, they count from the birth of founding leader, Kim Il Sung. Kim was born in 1912 - known in North Korea as Juche 1, making this year Juche 104.]
The new time will put Pyongyang half an hour behind Tokyo and Seoul. I'm a little surprised that the idea of trailing their South Koreans by 30mins hasn't annoyed the DPRK leadership a bit...or maybe they he hadn't thought it through that far!
The Clown Prince
The sabre-rattling ego-pumping national news agency states emphatically: "It is the firm faith and will of the DPRK's people to force the Japanese imperialists to pay for the monstrous crimes committed by them for a century, firmly defend the national sovereignty, and demonstrate for eternity the dignity and might of the great ... nation shining with the immortal august names of Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il."
And speaking of "living in their own little time warp", what do ya think of His Glorious Leadership's latest hair style...?!!
Ooooooooo YEAAAAAA!!!!!
Me wants one just the same!!!

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