Friday, August 21, 2015

Four Down - Many More Left!

Four Sea Shepherd volunteers were deported from the Faroe Islands under the cover of darkness in the early hours of 14 August.
The four had been found guilty of breaking the new Faroe Islands' Pilot Whaling Act, and of public disturbance for the crime of interfering in the July 23 slaughter of over 250 pilot whales at Bøur and Tórshavn.
So far this year, 12 SS volunteers from UK, Italy, Corsica/France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and US have been arrested in the Faroes - all accused of interfering in the infamous drive hunt of pilot whales and other small cetaceans known as the
+ ...meanwhile the slaughter at Sandavágur on Vágar Island on 12 August was the fifth this year, bringing the death toll to around 490 pilot whales since June.
On that occasion, a SS boat disrupted the hunt, maneuvering between the flotilla of hunting boats, and managed to briefly re-direct the pod. On the beach, five more volunteers ran into the water to stand between the whales and the awaiting hunters. All five were hauled back to the sand by police and handcuffed.
About 61 pilot whales were eventually slaughtered, in a blood frenzy lasting 2hrs.

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