Tuesday, August 4, 2015

“An Absolute Disaster”

Dear New Zealand Transport Agency, please explain!
NZTA recently trialled a disastrous cycle lane that left motor vehicles on a collision course!
It painted a pair of cycle lanes on Roto-o-rangi Rd near Cambridge, reducing the automobile area to a single lane just three paces wide, and slashing the speed limit to 60kmh to allow cyclists and cars to share the road. Within a DAY, the monitored trial was called off.
Oh, what a surprise!
The area is known for its strong cycling fraternity, but even bike-loving councillors want answers. Mayor Jim Mylchreest: "The trial was an absolute disaster and didn't achieve the results that NZTA was after." Ha, no shit, Sherlock!
Just what the hell are we meant to do with THIS??!!
The 2-1 roading layout removed the three original, white lane markings and replaced them with two lines which formed the cycle lanes and a centre lane only wide enough for a single vehicle.
NZTA road corridor manager Koos Lelieveld admits "…we did drop the ball," but says the council was well aware of the trial and needs to share in the road safety cock-up.
The trialled layout was common in Europe but Roto-o-rangi Rd was quite unsuitable. A similar design (known as Fietsstrook) is used on low-speed Dutch roads, with coloured cycling lanes either side. Motorists can use the cycle lanes when other cars approach from the opposite direction but must allow cyclists the right of way.
Imagine that, in our country of generally piss-poor and aggressive drivers?! Blasting down the centre lane – the ONLY marked lane for cars – and then zigzagging at the usual kiwi over-the-limit speed, in and out of cycling lanes, dodging oncoming cars and slower bikes!!! Yea, riiiiiight!!!

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