Saturday, July 11, 2015

Is TVNZ Courting Campbell?

The whispers are growing: Television New Zealand seems to be chasing John Campbell.
Further…the courting was going on before his Campbell Live show was chopped by MediaWorks in May.
TVNZ is even trying to personalise a format to specifically suit Campbell…so the rumours insist.
Given the success of the recent All Blacks-Samoa match – the groundswell for which was all started by John Campbell – it's obvious he has huge public support, and that would surely translate into big viewing numbers.
The word is that Campbell is not some egotistical broadcasting wanker with an over-inflated sense of self-worth and wallet to match. He puts in hard work before each show, doesn't demand blood-from-the-proverbial stone, AND is far more likeable than Mike Hosking (Seven Sharp)…now that's someone who fits perfectly into my earlier description!
Radio New Zealand has been flirting with Campbell too. With Afternoons host Simon Mercep leaving this week, many of John Campbell's fans hope he'll take over there. But RNZ is not a happy ship, and Campbell's smart enough to be aware of that…
No-one is stating anything publically or officially. It's all just scuttlebutt, but with growing volume. Watch this airspace…

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