Monday, July 20, 2015

Could Be A Cold Day In The Caribbean

Wintering over in Tromsø...?
The St Kitts Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources says his govt is investigating whether a vessel bearing the St Kitts and Nevis flag was involved in any illegal fishing activity relating to whaling.
An international animal rights group Avaaz has a current on-line campaign, calling on the the govt of the tiny West Indies federation to immediately revoke its flag from the vessel Winter Bay, which is reportedly carrying millions of dollars' worth of endangered Norwegian fin whale meat (1,700 tonnes) to Japan.
The group argues this is an illegal activity and, if the government removes the flag, the vessel will not be able to dock and conduct operations. The Minister says if the investigation shows Winter Bay was involved in anything illegal based on international laws, the govt will make a decision.
Sea Shepherd says the shipment is in violation of CITES regulations.
In the past, St Kitts and Nevis has publicly supported Japan in its whaling efforts. International critics argue that, because the Federation is receiving financial support from Japan in the form of construction of fisheries complexes in both St Kitts and Nevis, it will not pull its support or criticise Japan for its whaling activities. Naturally the Minister disagrees…
…meanwhile Sea Shepherd continues to keep an eyeball on Winter Bay, which is still sitting in the Norwegian port of Tromsø, awaiting clearance to sail to Japan via the Bering Sea through Russian waters. Activists are urging Russia to not grant Winter Bay permission to transit its waters.

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