Sunday, July 26, 2015

Faroe Islands' REALITY!

Last Thursday, another 200 pilot whales were butchered in the beautiful Faroe Islands.
A massive pod of around 150 pilot whales was driven into Bøur. The waiting crowd then slaughtered the animals on the killing beach. Later that evening a second grindadráp accounted for approx.50 pilot whales, killed at Tórshavn. This was the single bloodiest day in the Faroes this year!
"I fancied a SANDwich - but not this!"
Contrary to its earlier statement that the Danish Navy would not be involved in grindadráps, vessels HDMS Triton and HDMS Knud Rasmussen were both in the region at the time of the slaughters. Seems clear the navy will be protecting the bloodletting from nasty beastly horrid rat-bag environmental protestors!
Three Sea Shepherd crewmembers were arrested and another two detained, for trying to defend the whales. A SS land-based volunteer filmed the arrest - police demanded he delete the footage before they would release him.
The new Faroese Pilot Whaling Act – believed to be specifically intended to prevent SS volunteers trying to stop the cull – could lead to two years' jail.
SS is currently in the Faroes for it's 6th.Pilot Whale Defence Campaign, Operation Sleppid Grindini. It claims 33 pilot whales were killed last year and around 1,300 were killed in 2013.
So far in 2015, the tally stands at approx.380.

UPDATE: 09 Aug.2015 - The Faroe Islands' tourism industry has been hit again. German company cruise ship company AIDA has cancelled three trips to Klaksvík this summer (AIDA and Disney Cruise Lines both cancelled cruises to the FI in 2014 while Hapag Lloyd Cruises threatened to). AIDA cited the new Pilot Whale Act (2015) for its decision: the Act says tourists must report all sightings of whales and dolphins, so the cetaceans can be slaughtered in the infamous grindadráp. Visitors who do not comply face penalties of up to 3,000 euros, and 2yrs' jail. While obviously aimed directly at protestors, it has backfired on the tourism industry!

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