Thursday, July 30, 2015

I Know What You Did Last Summer...

Three in five of us have a secret we dread others discovering!
A recent survey reveals the average person has at least one secret they've been carrying for 15 years or more!
Many of us have a skeleton in our closet, ranging from affairs or relationships, through to hidden children or even marriages. Other secrets include shoplifting as a child, or getting caught drunk-driving in the past.
The study shows people typically have two secrets hidden away – including an internet history they're not proud of, debt, sexual turn-ons and phobias they've never shared. Other secrets include hidden tattoos, poor exam grades and having to pretend to like someone.
People are most afraid of their partner discovering their secrets (though a quarter believe their other half would support them if they did find out)...but the idea of MUM finding out makes people very nervous indeed. Some 70% of respondents say they keep their secrets out of shame or embarrassment.
Others secrets appearing in the survey include real-life crushes that could never be revealed, or people hiding their real age from someone, while others confess to secrets of having had plastic surgery or being a secret smoker.
A significant majority of respondents - 70% - dread the day someone finds out the truth, while the same number are driven to keep their secrets out of shame and embarrassment.
Over a quarter say what happened is in the past and doesn't affect them now, just over a fifth keep quiet to preserve their relationship, 13% do it to save friendships, and 5% fear they would lose their job.
As for me...? time, at Band Camp...

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