Friday, June 20, 2014

Who Loves Ya, Baby?

Reader's Digest has released it's NZ's Most Trusted list.
And at No.1 is combat veteran and Victoria Cross recipient, ex-SAS Corporal Willie Apiata.
No.2 is a first-timer on the list: Northland GP Dr Lance O'Sullivan. O'Sullivan was crowned New Zealander Of The Year for his healthcare work and vision of eradicating poverty-related illness. He set up Northland's first full-time, school-based health clinic, based at Kaitaia Primary School. It provides medical care to 2000 children at 14 primary and intermediate schools.
Rounding out the Top 10 are familiar faces A/B captain Richie McCaw, tv personality Judy Bailey, last year's winner ex-A/B John Kirwan, ex-tv personality Kevin Milne, ex-tv chef Alison Holst, ex-Olympic running champ Peter Snell, Olympic shot-putter Valerie Adams and tv weatherman Jim Hickey.
[Hmmm, sport and tv...what does that say about us as a nation?]
It's the tenth year Reader's Digest has held its trust survey, which ranks the people and professions NZers place their faith in.
Not surprisingly, politicians were prominent on the bottom end of the list, with Kim Dotcom at 99th. Others in the bottom 10 include David Cunliffe (97), Winston Peters (96), Russel Norman (91), and Pita Sharples (90).
The annual survey also ranks professions. Firefighters have topped the list for a decade running now, joined by paramedics, rescue volunteers, nurses, pilots, doctors, pharmacists, vets, armed forces personnel and police. Journalists are less trusted than lawyers, coming in at 43rd of the 49 total professions, despite there being many media personalities on the most-trusted people list. Politicians are up one place from last year, coming in 47th equal with sex workers (!!).
The least-liked of all professions? A tie, between door-to-door salespeople and telemarketers!

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