Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Angel Or Demon?

A transgender woman, whose family sparked an outpouring of sympathy online when they claimed she'd been bashed...actually injured herself after falling from a tree!
Angel singlehandedly proves
Newton's gravity theory: cheers!
Police said Anahera "Angel" Rangitaawa was found near the Copthorne Hotel in Palmerston North early last Sunday. At first they couldn't explain the critical injuries to her face, skull and other parts of her body. She was taken to Wellington Hospital and placed in an induced coma.
Her aunt, Esther Topfer, made an incredible accusation on-line that she'd been the victim of a targeted assault and even suggested Palm.Nth. was the 'transbash capital of NZ.'
Police could not confirm how she reached that assumption, but Auntie Esther was specific enough to claim THREE men did the deed: "I am saddened and appalled that, in the 21st Century, ignorant judgmental and evil people can smash a person to within an inch of their life for being who they are." This encouraged a surge of spleen-venting on Facebook, as well as accusations of police of not doing their job properly.
Investigations now show the victim's injuries were not at all suspicious, and that she fell from a tree!
That's right, auntie, "who they are" is nothing more than a klutz who fell out of a tree in the middle of the night! Perhaps you should ask your precious Angel exactly what the hell she was doing, before slinging mud!!
Obviously Auntie Esther is carrying a monstrous chip on her shoulder regarding society's views of transgenders. Why else would she verbally run rabid with such unsubstantiated accusations?
I suggest a slice of humble pie with a side of 'get-over-it' to accompany her 'angel'-cake dessert tonight.

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