Monday, June 16, 2014

Taking It To The Whalers

Some write about the issues...some sign petitions...others are in a position to physically do something themselves.
Early this month, 32yr.old German tourist and anti-whaling activist Arne Feuerhahn had been travelling Iceland: "When I found out that whaling was still going on there by Kristján Loftsson [the CEO of Hvalur], I couldn't just sit back and do nothing about it."
Arne boarded the whaling vessel Hvalur 8, and spent 15 hours up its mast, chained into the crow's nest. While there, the organization Hard To Port claims he was threatened: "Arne received numerous threats from pro-whalers including death threats. Workers on the ship hit the mast with a lifting ramp twice. Police showed up to calm things down."
Conversely the whaling company's spokesperson Halldór Gíslason said the Hvalur employees had ignored him apart from taking pictures.
Hvalur 8 was docked at the shipyard in Reykjavík in preparation for the upcoming whaling season, which begins this month. The quota for fin whales is 154.

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