Saturday, June 14, 2014

No Parents Allowed

What's a school sports day, without parents to cheer their kids on?
But at Glapton Academy primary school in Nottinghamshire, UK, parents have been banned over fears they could cause a Hillsborough-style crush!
Headteacher Ruth Ellis says the decision was made because of "rising pupil numbers." The school has 318 pupils on the roll, up from 284 in 2010. Not a major school by any stretch of the imagination, and yet parents were told to keep away from the day – which features such events as the traditional egg and spoon race, and a sack race – because the school could not guarantee children's safety.
Children have been very upset to learn their parents wouldn't be participating and cheering them on.
Head of governors Nick Ydlibi: "We feel that due to the rise in pupils it would be extremely difficult to guarantee the safety of our children at an outdoor event with open gates."
Parents have branded the ruling 'bonkers'. David Elliott said he spoke to a school official who told him the ban was for health and safety reasons: "When I asked what the school was afraid of, she said there was a potential for a crush. I said "What, like Hillsborough?", sort of as a joke, and she said, "Yes"."
The Hillsborough Disaster happened in 1989 when, during the Liverpool/Nottingham Forest FA Cup semi-final, a human crush caused 96 deaths and injuries to 766 others.
David Elliott: "What's next? Are they going to stop us watching the school Christmas play?"

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You're kidding, right?!!!!! How stupid!!!