Wednesday, May 21, 2014

First Ad On The Moon?

It's set to be the first advert on the Moon.
It'll also be the first time a soft drink can has been abandoned on the lunar surface!
The Japanese makers of the Pocari Sweat drink are planning to send a specially-designed titanium can engraved with messages to the Big
Cheese next year.
The handwritten messages, from Japanese children and internet users, will be stored as data in 120 titanium plates packaged in the 1kg 'dream capsule'. The capsule's being specially developed to withstand temperatures from -170 to +110.
It will launch on a Falcon 9 (designed by Elon Musk's SpaceX to be a reusable means of space travel). The Falcon 9 has already made three successful supply runs to the International Space Station. However, this planned mission in October 2015 would be the first time one of its rockets has provided propulsion to the moon.
After the rocket has completed it's 4½ day journey, the branded canister will be deposited on the surface by private company Astrobotic Technology's Griffin lander.
Astrobotic is developing the lander to try and win Google's Lunar-X $20million prize, for the first company to land a device on the moon that can both travel 500m on the surface and transmit high-definition pictures back to Earth.
Oh, great! $20million...for leaving rubbish on the Moon!!!
Mind you, NASA has set a precedent...
What could be next: Pink Floyd on The Dark Side???

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