Thursday, May 15, 2014

24: Live Another Day - That SUCKS!!!

Jack is back! Except in New Zealand! DAMMIT!!!
With 24: Live Another Day now screening in US, UK and Australia, it's logical that NZ will soon get it too.
But with no hint of it in the upcoming schedules, TVNZ, Mediaworks, Soho and Sky were asked to confirm which of them had the rights to the new series.
After Mediaworks lost the Fox output deal last year, the new series would have been up for grabs for whoever wanted it... so... we wait... with baited breath... which network will be screening one of the most eagerly-anticipated series of 2014.
TVNZ says it's not them. Sky? Same response. Mediaworks, not playing it either. Soho? Nupe. This is DESPITE the season receiving rave reviews internationally! WTF???!!! How damn sucky is THAT!!!
Jack Bauer fans across New Zealand will not be able to view the new season of 24 here, and - unless you're into a US download site - you may have to wait for it to come out on DVD.
My life is at an end...

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