Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Disney Has No Taste For Blood

Disney Cruise Line has announced a last-minute itinerary change to one of its cruise routes.
It's now avoiding the Faroe Islands, where hundreds of whales are killed in grindadraps (or drive hunts) each summer. The move has been applauded by whale activists, who say Disney is leading the way in making responsible decisions, like avoiding areas where whaling is practiced.
Disney originally said its cruise would include the Faroes, but has modified its 11-night Copenhagen-to-England journey to include a stop at Kirkwall, Scotland rather than at Torshavn, Faroe Islands. The cruise embarks on 29 June 2015 on the liner Disney Magic.
Disney sent a letter to all passengers announcing the change. No information was released about the reason behind the modification, but it's likely that passengers - many of whom are travelling with children - would be worried about witnessing a whale slaughter, which dramatically colours the harbours red.
...meanwhile the 2014 grindadrap season (usually June-October) has started early. On Sunday 18 May, 19 pilot whales were slaughtered along the foreshore of Fuglafjørður, a picturesque fishing town on Eysturoy’s east coast in the Faroe Islands. About 20 boats participated.

UPDATE: 31 Aug.2014 - Danish media reports that the Faroe Islands' tourism industry is being hurt by whaling. Hapag Lloyd Cruises is threatening to cancel its routes to the Faroes while German cruise company AIDA has already done so.

UPDATE: 09 Aug.2015 - The Faroe Islands' tourism industry has been hit again. German company cruise ship company AIDA has announced that it will cancel three trips to Klaksvík this summer.
AIDA cited the new Pilot Whale Act (2015) for its decision: the Act says tourists must report all sightings of whales and dolphins, so the cetaceans can be slaughtered in the infamous grindadráp. Visitors who do not comply can face penalties of up to 3,000 euros, and imprisonment of two years. While obviously aimed directly at protestors, it has also backfired on the tourism industry.


BigMac said...

Funny conclusion...?
Iceland kills whales. Disney goes to Iceland!
Norway kills whales. Disney goes to Norway!
Conclusion: Disney will not go to Faroe Islands because they kill whales!?

There is saying “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”

Seems to me like your only tool in the toolbox concerning Faroe Islands is the antipathy against whaling (your hammer), and the answer to all issues concerning Faroe Islands , no matter how obscure and far out related, are solved with this only tool.

You might speculate that in opposition to Iceland and Norway, the Faroe Islands is the only of the planned destinations, where the guests actually may experience a whale hunt. If Disney’s only concern is the scenery, but not the act in itself, I must conclude that it is an acceptance of whale hunt as long as it does not interfere with Disney’s money-making business.

Writer Of The Purple Sage said...

Whereas Iceland and Norway conduct their whaling offshore, the Faroes have the rare 'distinction' of slaughtering whales right on the foreshore and in plain view of all.
Obviously Disney's main concern is money. It is a huge family-oriented business, so naturally it would not put its ship in an area where whale killings may potentially be seen by its family clients.
I suspect Disney would likewise not be interested in parking its cruise ship in full view of the dolphin drive hunt in Taiji.

BigMac said...

How on earth can you possibly know why some random cruise ship from America will or will not, visit Faroe Islands??

Are you in contact with the shipping company? Are you in fact an insider who knows all the decisions made by all shipping companies that may or may not visit Faroe Islands? Inside their heads maybe?

No of course you are not, and that is why I think it is pretty strange that you without shame just produce a story out of your sleeve and even have the nerve to publish it on the internet. You have not the faintest idea why the cruise is cancelled and it would suit you to turn away from the nasty habit of projecting your whaling antipathy onto every possible event that may or may not occur on the Faroe Islands.

Writer Of The Purple Sage said...

Dear BigMac:
To answer your vitriolic rant in one short succinct line: yes, I HAVE been in touch with the cruise line, thus my posting.
Are you satisfied now?

BigMac said...

So NOW you have been in touch with the company? – but in your original post you said “ No information was released about the reason” and “but it´s likely that....”. If your article really was based on information from the company, how come your actual words were you had “no information” and your actual reasoning was ” it´s likely that....”??

I am not able to see that I do you injustice when I criticize you for once again trying to add fuel to your fire based on absolutely nothing, as you clearly state yourself in the article.

I totally respect that you are against whaling, but will not let your unjust methods pass unchallenged.

Anonymous said...

25 March: Disney announces the Faroes as part of its 2015 cruises.
24 April: FI is dropped from the itinerary.
The email sent to travel agents expressed Disney Cruise Line's excitement that it would be able to provide guests with a premier family experience and the opportunity to visit both of the countries that recently inspired the blockbuster hits "Frozen" and "Brave".
So...think about it.
DCL has numerous awards for recycling, non-toxic hull coatings, saving water, fuel efficiency; it donates to conservation and animal research; it promotes family values and minimal environmental impact.
There's no question that the FI are stunningly beautiful, and could "inspire" and be the backdrop for any number of movies. It would be a logical destination if landscape beauty was the only criteria.
when all other factors are considered, DCL does not consider Faroes to be part of "a premier family experience".
Why? The senseless and unjustifiable traditional slaughter of pilot whales (potentially in view of tourists) would be anathema to everything it stands for.
Then find another reason that makes more sense.
There is none.