Sunday, February 9, 2014

Touch Parking

No, it wasn't a female driver!
It was a spot too tight to fit into - but nothing a high speed approach couldn't fix!
Here's footage of a Turkish ferry speeding into shore on its final journey, before screeching to a halt between two other boats awaiting the gas torch.
The ferry Ostend Spirit was retired by its owners after 24yrs of service, and came to its final rest at a Turkish ship-breaking yard in Aliaga, where it was later taken apart.
The video was filmed in Nov.2013, and has now gained worldwide attention. (What has not received such wide publicity is footage of the ship's first approach. In it, the skipper seems to lose control and slams the ferry into another beached ship, puncturing its ballast tanks!) Enjoy this classic parking...just don't try it at home!

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Ha, this is AWESOME!!!