Sunday, February 2, 2014

Chinese Special Delivery

Christchurch planespotters will be keenly lining the airport perimeter fences on Monday, to see the first commercially-flown Dreamliner to Christchurch.
China Southern Airlines' special 787 Dreamliner charter to Chch Airport arrives at 7.30am this Monday 03 February.
New Zealand has already had its first commercial 787 Dreamliner service, with China Southern flying into Auckland International late last year.
China Southern's Chch landing will mark Chinese New Year. It'll also be the first Dreamliner to fly to Chch commercially, the first Chinese airline to fly to Chch and the first China Southern charter to the South Island.
China Southern Airlines operates the largest fleet and most developed network of any airline in China. The flight, originating in Guangzhou with 228 passengers, will return to China the same morning.
+ ...meanwhile Air New Zealand's inaugural commercial Dreamliner flight will be Akld-Perth on October 15th this year. Other dedicated 787-9 routes will be Akld-Tokyo and Akld-Shanghai.
+ ...and not to be out-done, Jetstar will raise the stakes by putting one of its new Dreamliners on trans-Tasman, but for a limited time only. It'll use it on the Akld-Melbourne route in March, with special cheap intro fares.

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