Thursday, February 13, 2014

Auckland Grows A Bigger Dick

Auckland pulled the covers back yesterday...and revealed a new monstrous penis extension, to thrust higher than any other building in the city.
And furthermore...its Chinese!
The 52-storey skyscraper in the CBD would cost $350 million and tower 209m above Auckland. It'll occupy the site bounded by Elliot, Albert and Victoria Sts., which has sat empty since Chase Corporation demolished the Royal International Hotel in the 1980s (that's where the vertical bungy operation has been sproinging upwards for years...).
It'll house a 308-room hotel and entertainment complex, a shopping centre, cinema, restaurants, sky decks and apartments. Resource consent has been granted - building consent is pending.
Not surprisingly, it's financed by yet another overseas investor: Chinese developer New Development Group will name its edifice the NDG Auckland Centre.
The Sky Tower will remain the tallest structure in the city (and indeed the tallest overall structure in NZ) at 328m high. The new dick will top the current 2nd-placed holder, Auckland's 38-floor Vero Centre (with its tilted circular halo top) at 172m.
What will the xenophobic JAFAs think of that???!

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