Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Norway's Ice Follies

I'm barely aware that the Winter Olympics are currently Russia, I'm told. But...
Watching tv recently, my eye was nearly plucked out(!) by the bizarre sight of the Norwegian curling team's brightly-coloured baggies!
I believe the multi-coloured clown-like pants were modeled on their country's flag! Riiiiight! Were they an attempt to distract the opposition? I sure couldn't watch!!
But uh-oh: "Oslo, ve hav a problem!"
courtesy NY Daily News
Last Monday, an official 'trouser crisis' was declared by Norwegian tv! Norway had to face Britain in a tiebreaker for the semifinal. The team had only brought nine pairs of these wildly-patterned pants, the idea being to have a different pair of pants for each of the nine teams they faced during the round-robin. So the drama was: which pants to REPEAT???
Such tension! There was ferocious chatter on the "Norwegian Olympic Curling Team's Pants" Facebook page (yes, it DOES exist)! The tough decision was left to the team's 'fashion coordinator' Christoffer Svae, who's also a curler (and obviously has little fashion SENSE)...he said they'd wear a pair that the team had previously won in.
So the norrbagges played in the winning pants from their clash with Russia...and lost.
Now it's a thank-GOD farewell to the Nordic fashion criminals! *phew*
No more wearing of sunglasses in front of the telly!
Note to Norway: NEVER let Christoffer Svae near fashion again.

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