Monday, June 3, 2013

How DOES Evian Do It???

Evian's done it again!
Its newest TV ad is a global viral hit! It's so popular that American tv shows have brought in experts to discuss its huge success!
The dancing babies commercial features adorable, nappy-clad stars movin' to the groove. It's a follow-up to Evian's 2009 TVC that featured roller-skating babies (which was viewed more than 65 million times), and Evian's water babies ad in 2010.
So, what do babies and bottled water have in common? Well, Evian has a long history of incorporating infants and toddlers into its TV ad campaigns. When it first launched, Evian mineral water was recommended for babies because it was PH neutral.
The new dancing babies ad takes place on a city street. It... well, rather than me describing it, see it for yourself. It's proof that good clean fun and undeniable cuteness can sell-sell-sell!

Evian's also produced the water babies tvc [click], and rollerskating babies tvc [click].

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