Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Breakfast Drinks Are Up-And-Gone

Breakfast serenity was shattered yesterday when the Sydney Morning Herald informed us that several popular liquid breakfast products are making dodgy nutritional claims! Egad! Can this be TRUE???
Ozzie consumer watchdog Choice points the tablespoon at the likes of Sanitarium's Up&Go and Kellogg's breakfast drinks. An investigation into 23 liquid breakfast products found they make false claims about being high in fibre or a good source of protein!
Choice spokesman Tom Godfrey says shonky claims on liquid breakfasts such as 'high in fibre', 'fibre for digestive health', and 'goodness of three grains' are a cause for concern: "Liquid breakfasts have on average 1.5% fibre, which is well below the 10% benchmark for high fibre. It is grains away from the 39.5% fibre offered by some bran cereals." Choice also found 10 of the 23 products investigated have more than 23g of sugar per serve - that's about the same as a chocolate bar. Godfrey: "If its energy you're after, the breakfast drinks Choice reviewed ranged from 700kj-912kj and fall short of a regular meal that comes in at 2000kj."
The consumer group says liquid breakfasts are a growing category in the supermarket aisles with Santarium's Up&Go ruling the Ozzie market since its launch 15 years ago, selling 34 million litres through supermarkets in the past year alone.
These products appeal to those who feel their lives are so busy that everything must be rush-rush, and that their entire existence must be conveniently packaged for them.
I suspect this revelation - confirming doubts long-held by the wiser among us about their nutritional value - will go unnoticed by their consumers. But if they want fibre from these products, they're probably better off chewing the carton on their rush to work!

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