Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Shark Attack: Priorities

"It's astounding…time is fleeting…madness takes its toll."
Yes, a line from the Rocky Horror Show soundtrack, but equally illustrative of the madness surfacing after last week's fatal shark attack at Muriwai.
Swimmer Adam Strange was killed by a great white shark…or two…or three…depending on which media report you've read. In the rapid and heroic attempt to save Adam, a police officer shot at one of the sharks. It's believed he killed it, though no trace of the beast has
been found.
Now that same officer is lieing low, fearing a backlash from certain elements of the public. Astoundingly, some dickheads on Facebook have taken issue with shooting the shark, writing such madness as: "It's absolutely disgusting – animal cruelty. There is no need to kill the shark for its natural instinct."
Muriwai Surf Club has defended the actions of the officer. Spokesman Tim Jago: "They weren't here. They don't know what was going down." He says the shooting action was necessary: "You don't often get the chance to retrieve the body (after a fatal shark attack), or not so soon. We were presented with that opportunity. We're 100% comfortable that the decision to shoot the shark was right."
Shark expert Tom Trnski, Auckland Museum’s head of natural sciences: "The only thing they could do to recover Adam was actually get the shark away from him and it wasn't obliging, so they had no option but to shoot it. I fully support what they did."
Those stupid pillicks posting such thoughtless Facebook crap should think first about the (slim) possibility of rescuing Adam Strange alive…or at least recovering his body for his grieving family. Then think how that could possibly have happened, without the selfless efforts of the lifesavers and police.
Diddums to da poor liddle iddle biddle sharkie…the savage vicious man-killer that it actually was! On this occasion, a human being has a far higher priority!

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