Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ready...Set...OK Go!

The band is OK Go.
It's an alternative rock band residing in Los Angeles, best known for elaborate and quirky music videos which often gain critical acclaim. For example, in 2007, OK Go scored the Grammy's 'Best Short-Form Music Video' award for the clip Here It Goes Again.
Now, for your viewing pleasure, here's the official video for another track, This Too Shall Pass, from the album Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky. This was filmed in a two-storey warehouse, in the Echo Park neighbourhood of LA. The amazing 'machine' was designed and built by the band over the course of several months.
The video won the LA Film Fest's Audience Award for 'Best Music Video', and the UK Music Video Awards' 'Best Rock Video' and 'Music Video of the Year Winner 2010', among others. Since its release in March 2010, it's had over 39 MILLION views!
It's a helluva tough boring life, being a muso...!

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