Saturday, March 9, 2013

Prepare To Be Boarded

Aussie Police are expected to raid the Sea Shepherd ships on their return to Australian waters.
After clashes in the Southern Ocean with Japanese whalers, police are tipped to swoop when the ships arrive in Hobart in coming days. The news comes as the Japanese fleet heads north, well out of the whale sanctuary. SS Oz director Bob Brown says it's highly likely the hunt has ended with fewer than 100 whales killed, probably the lowest tally in 200 years outside world wars!
Ram Jam! Bob Barker sandwiched...
But if/when SS ships arrive in Oz (probably Hobart, Tasmania) they'll face police raids. Japan is highly likely to request them after the well-documented ramming incidents involving SS and Japanese vessels, and the oil spill from the whalers' tanker Sun Laurel. On top of that, if SS observer Paul Watson (subject of an Interpol red notice) is on board, he faces arrest if Japan requests extradition.
The whaling season is due to end this month: both Bob Brown and Watson are hoping it's wrapped up already. As always, the nasty Nippons bleat that SS ships endanger the safety of their "research" vessels. The videos from both sides, circulating over the past week, look decidedly in favour of SS!
...meanwhile Australia's case against Japan in the International Court of Justice drags on. Baring an early (unlikely) decision by the court, the whalers are expected back in the Southern Ocean again this December. Even if the case began shortly, a decision is not likely until next year. If the court did find in Australia's favour, would Japan abide by the law? But if it does not, it would be contravening international convention... something it seems quite comfortable with.
And then who would intervene, if not Sea Shepherd?

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