Friday, October 21, 2011

Al Qaeda Owes USA $9Billion

A most interesting story appeared on the wires last weekend.
A New York judge has recommended the terrorist organisation Al Qaeda be billed US$9.3 billion for damage done to properties and businesses in the Sept.11 2001 attacks.
Federal Magistrate Judge Frank Maas sent his recommendation to a district judge presiding over a lawsuit brought by several insurance companies (jeez, Frank, did you have nothing better to do last week?).
In 2003, the companies sued various defendants, seeking damages for the attacks that demolished the World Trade Centre's twin towers. Al Qaeda never responded to the lawsuit - really? That's a surprise! - and was found in default in 2006. The court determined the actual damages and then tripled them as allowed by law.
If it took the US a whole decade to track down Al Qaeda's founder, how long do you think it'll take to serve the group with this damages bill...? And then how long to actually get the bill paid?
Yea, right.
Good luck.

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