Saturday, October 1, 2011

Anyone For A Foot Shave?

So ya wanna be a movie star?
Is it the "money for nothing and chicks for free" you desire?
Do you have the feet for the job?
Wanted: about 200 extras for Peter Jackson's movie The Hobbit, when filming is done in the Twizel area of central South Island in late November and December.
Ads appeared recently in South Canterbury and Otago newspapers seeking people interested in being extras in the film - as elves and townspeople. The requirement for “townspeople” (by which I extrapolate to mean the people of Laketown and the surrounding area) is for men and women aged between 30-80yrs with interesting character faces — men with beards (they don't appear to be wanting bearded women!). All shapes, sizes and ethnicities welcome. For "elves":
people aged between 17-35yrs with a height of more than 168cm.
Not sure how they would cast me: although my rather gnarly feet might pass as those of a Shire resident, at my height I'm more likely to be cast as an Ent!!!

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