Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Kitchen Rules...

The good old-fashioned roast chicken still tops NZers' favourite dinners list...even if chicken is now over $20kg!!!
A recent Colmar Brunton survey asked 1000+ kiwis what they were having for dinner: seems we favour a chicken roast, followed by chicken and vegies, steak and vegies, and chicken curries.
Here's one I prepared earlier...
No.5 - homemade pizza
No.6 - spaghetti Bolognese
No.7 – lasagna
No.8 - fish and vegies
No.9 - sausage and vegies
No.10 - nachos
Yea, pretty inspiring, eh!
The list shows the traditional meat-and-three-veg meal is still alive and kickin' here, but we look for easier meals by week's end, like 'fush-und-chups' on Froidays (a throwback to the Catholic "no meat on Friday" edict).
The survey also showed one in three people cooking are men, who tend to be more passionate about meal-making. But not everyone's passionate about food: the poll found a large amount of people cooking for kids find it a "mind-numbing" chore.
Three in four meals are eaten together as a family, even if 60% of the time they're glued to the tv. Half of our dinners have some sort of dessert, but very few are homemade. And 80% of cooks love it when they get praise, but only 58% get positive feedback.
So when you're chowing down tonight - love the food, love the cook…and hey, take a turn at washing up too! In my kitchen rulebook, cooks don’t do the dishes!

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