Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Boy Racers: When Will The Law Grow Balls???

Generally speaking, a boy racer is someone who thinks its clever to spend $10,000 tarting up a $500 crap car that's one Warrant Of Fitness away from the junk yard; fitting a stereo pumping out more power than the engine; removing the suspension, destroying what little handling ability it had; adding wheels that look like rejects for a ferris wheel; the exhaust must look like it's been nicked from an F16 Tomcat; and superglue on a ski-jump spoiler to obliterate any rear vision that might be available if one was sitting correctly (I've yet to find out why they drop the driver's seat so they're low enough to peer through the steering wheel, while also leaning over to the right like their spines are buggered).
Boy racers believe such modifications make a car not only "cool" but endlessly faster: most of these cretins obtain this valuable info from reliable motoring sources...such as their mates. Strangely, these modifications never seem to improve performance or handling, although they do seem to encourage regular replacement of melted tyres.
Boy racers are also rumoured to drive recklessly, because this impresses the opposite sex and compensates for their sexual inadequacy. The effect this has on sensible motorists and elderly pedestrians is not taken into consideration.
On TV last weekend the story of Ashley Austin, who six months ago lost control of his car and slaughtered four-year-old Nayan Woods on a Christchurch footpath. The report said Austin was driving his Nissan Silvia (a boy racer favourite) on a wet evening, saw a gap in the traffic and decided to 'shoot it', by chopping down into second gear and flooring the accelerator. Surprise-surprise, he lost control and killed an innocent child.
Any sensible motorist knows to wait for a large enough gap before entering the traffic, not 'shooting' for a minor hole by 'chopping' and 'kicking hard'. Especially not in a tricked car. And certainly not on a wet road.
Ashley pleaded guilty to dangerous driving causing death. Publicly apologised. Wrote letter to grieving mother. She in turn said she didn't want the tragedy to be the defining moment in Austin's life. The judge took all this into account, said Austin was a man of good character and had no previous convictions for any offending - so he lost his licence for three years, is doing 100 hours' community work, must wear an ankle bracelet and remain at home on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.
This scrot was driving a vehicle which fitted the definition of a boy racer car! He was driving in a boy racer manner! Because of this, he took a life! But due to no priors (and the child's mother having a massively good heart!), he virtually walks away scot-free! Surely this is a case worthy of car-meets-crusher - with the added pain of this dickhead having to push the button to destroy his own toy!
When is the legal system going to grow a decent set of balls, take this problem by the throat and strangle the bloody life out of it?! Quite frankly, I believe the public expects more than this. We are sick to our back teeth of this pathetic "boy racer" culture, this public flaunting of their penis extensions...and just as sick of limp-dick responses to the problem!!

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