Thursday, December 9, 2010

"This Kitchen Is Shut! F*** Off!"

F*** OFFF!!!!
A kiwi promotor wants a taste of chef Gordon Ramsay...on a plate.
Ramsay's being sued for NZ$2.1 million for not doing a charity fundraising tour of NZ earlier this year: he pulled out of a June speaking tour after claiming his mother had suffered a heart attack. But Duco Ltd - the company that planned to bring him here - claims to have evidence showing there was no proof of a heart attack.
The Chance2Eat dinners were to raise money for medical treatment of 9-yr.old Napier girl Matisse Reid, who can't eat because of an intestinal disorder. The dinner tour was rescheduled for October - but again Ramsay cancelled. According to legal papers, he'd said that was because of a "business crisis" in the UK. But Duco claims that Ramsay was making public appearances at his own restaurant in Dubai.
This is just the latest setback for the master chef who's lost some of his most prestigious restaurants in the past two years in UK and USA. He's gone from being valued on the 2008 City and Guilds Vocational Rich List at £50-million...down to £4.3m in debt!
Meanwhile, Mattise's mum can't work in the US, but they must stay there to be able to take up available organs at a moment's notice. Matisse has been at the top of the waiting list for three years, but the organs needed are hard to get, so it's been a long expensive waiting game...
No comment from Ramsay: not even his trademark "F*** off!!!"
PS: 10 Dec.2010 - Matisse undergoes a 12-hr.operation...and may soon be able to eat her first ever meal!
PS: 12 Dec.2010 - After two intestinal surgeries, Matisse is in a "bad way"...
PS: 28 Dec.2010 - Matisse is back in intensive care after transplant rejection...did you enjoy your Xmas dinner, Ramsay?

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