Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What Is Hone's Problem NOW?

Hone Mad-Dog Harawira...we've had a gutsful of his shit too!The Harawira knickers get twisted regularly these days...seemingly by anything involving "whitey" that Hone doesn't agree with (and frankly, he doesn't agree with anything "whitey"!).
The amendments to the Foreshore And Seabed Act are ready for signing-off, but they won't get Hone Harawira's support...because of one teeny-weeny word that the ACT Party was able to add. That word is FREE: the law will spell out that access to NZ beaches will be free for all.
The Maori Party says the word is not needed, because the legislation makes it clear that access is free. The Prime Minister also accepts that the word adds nothing. So why is Hone Harawira spitting the dummy? He's refused to speak to "white" journalists today (what a blessing!) - and refused to speak in English at all. On a maori radio station however, he said: "We've had a gutsful of this shit."
Precisely what is he referring to? Is it the same "shit" that the majority of NZers (of all colours and races) have had a gutsful of? The excessive bending-over by "the establishment" to favour one small ethnic political partner at the expense of the majority of the country?
It's EVERYONE's beach...
It's everyone's beach...
If so, then the majority will be very pleased to see the insertion of that one tiny little word. It'll mean everyone is on the same page. It is totally clear to all that no-one can block beach access, to solicit koha. No-one can approach someone, waving a stick, and tell them to bugger off coz they're the wrong colour to be on that particular beach.
And please don't call me a racist for those illustrations...because you know as well as I do that this has happened. It wasn't too long ago either that the road to Cape Reinga was blockaded, to solicit right-of-passage koha from tourists.
So now - even though it's being legislated thus - we all understand that everyone has free access to our beaches, without any hassles. Free is the way it always should be. Free helps to appease worries, and enhance enjoyment. Free assists in the growth of one happy nation, and it surely must also ease racial tension.
So again I ask: what is Hone Harawira bitching about now?

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Anonymous said...

I am struggling with what the problem is. Maori state that they wont charge for access to the beaches. So National input a clause stating that access to beaches will be FREE. Maori party then get upset because of it. Seems to me that the Maori party had other plans for access to our beaches...