Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cruising For A Bruising...

Well, the actors' union sufficiently pissed off Warner Bros that they jeopardised this country's film industry.
And most of NZ is pissed off over the delays for the construction of Party Central, Auckland's waterfront social venue for the *yawn* Rugby World Cup 2011.
Now, who else we can piss off? Oooooohh, I know - how about the cruise line industry...? They've been waiting patiently for some years now, while central and local government fumbled the pass over Party Central.
The original Rugby World Cup plan (now, which one was that again?) incorporated a passenger terminal, for the cruise liners that want to base themselves in Auckland to cater for the South Pacific cruising routes. But this week, final plans were released for the definitive (*trumpets please!*) Party Central temporary structure and Queen's Wharf upgrades... lo and behold, the passenger terminal idea has been deleted!
Which means of course that, if a permanent berth isn't built soon, Auckland may well be dropped as a cruising destination: the industry is fed up with the current inadequate facilities on Queen's Wharf as an arrival lounge for inbound passengers.
Next season, the cruise industry will be Auckland's third-biggest source of tourists, bringing in 200,000 people. Ports of Auckland calculate that the 70+ cruise ship visits annually each generate on average economic benefit of $1.1 million. Can we afford to piss them off as well?
Hmmmmm, tough question. Let me think...
Hey, let's drag the chain even more, push 'em to the brink, bring in some overseas mouth, then overplay our hand and - as they steam off to fairer shores - we can bleat "this wasn't our intention"..."we really are nice people"...and "if you come back, we'll be very very good"...sound familiar, thespians?
Jeez, when things have such huge economic impact on such a small country, why can't NZ get its act together quickly and decisively, to make the most of the finite opportunites that come its way?
PS: 10 June 2011 - Mayor Len Brown, without public consultation, has announced a $ terminal will be built on Queens Wharf...
PS: 13 Dec.2011 - Auckland is still in the dark about Lenny's big cruise terminal plans, the cost of which is now over $27m!!!


Clive said...

it was the Auckland actors union that spoiled the whole Hobbit thing.. Wgton and the rest of the country are quite happy with the arrangements with Peter Jackson etal with the hobbit making!!
Re cruise terminal in Auckland.. yeah right!!! anything attempted by Auckland is always stuffed up everyone knows that....

Allan T. said...

hahahaha! U're not wrong there Clive.
And when i see the size of those big ships squeezing into the small space allocated to them, it's bloody stupid. We must look like hicksville to all these wealthy blue-rinse cruisers!!