Thursday, October 28, 2010

Double Blue

More good movie news: Fox has revealed that James Cameron's next two films will be...
Avatar 2 and Avatar 3.
Avatar 2 has a prospective release date of Christmas 2014, while the studio is hoping that the third film will be finished in time for a December 2015 release.
Apparently Cameron will begin working on the scripts for the (currently-untitled) sequels early next year, hoping to start production later in 2011. He'll make the decision as to whether they will be filmed back-to-back after he has finished the scripts. This means of course that his plans to make Cleopatra are on the back burner for now.
Avatar has made almost $3 billion (!!!) since its release in December 2009, and it’s likely that the second and third films in the trilogy will build on that. Personally, I enjoyed it for its effects – I felt the storyline was simply a re-working of a tried-and-true concept - but I’d be happy to see more stories set in the same world, especially if Cameron can improve on the first film with more original storylines and new characters.
You may/may know that 95% of Avatar's special effects were done by NZ's Weta Workshops: hundreds worked full-time on it for three years. This'll mean that, following The Hobbit resolution, Weta will no doubt be hiring more staff... and so the good news continues!

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