Friday, November 13, 2009

Would You Like Ice With That, Sir?

So where the #@%* IS Macquarie Island?Nearly three years ago to the day, NZ watched in awe as two huge icebergs slowly drifted past Christchurch, just 100km off the South Island coast: the first time in living memory. The spectacle was billed as "once in a lifetime" and many took sightseeing flights – some even landing on the 'berg via helicopter!
Life must indeed be another monster iceberg (500m long!) is on its way north, having just passed Macquarie Island (where?!)... 1200km down in the sub-Antarctic nether-regions [video]. Twice the size of the Titanic and dwarfing Auckland's Sky Tower, tourism operators hope this one too will cruise close to our shores.
Shaken or stirred, sir?At it's current speed of 2-3km per hour, it may reach New Zealand in time for Christmas!
PS: 13 Nov.2009 - Whoever writes the headlines for the on-line Daylife news service has mistaken 500m for 500 miles! Opps!
PS: 15 Nov.2009 - But wait, there's more! MUCH more! Now there's a swarm of TWENTY icebergs heading our way, one estimated at 2km in length! Even if only half of them get here, we're in for one helluva sight!
PS: 20 Nov.2009 - Now they say there's a HUNDRED en route!! Unreal!!

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