Friday, November 20, 2009

Jess Crosses The Equator

Jessica WatsonWhen her adventure first began, alot of people decried her supposed lack of seamanship and her age...but Jessica Watson is going strong.
The Aussie schoolgirl has just crossed the equator, a month and a day into her single-handed non-stop journey around the world.Just cruisin'...So far, no problems - although the first leg across the Pacific from Australia was expected to be troublefree. As her circumnavigation continues, conditions will toughen up, and Jess's abilities will be stretched to the limit, especially around the tip of South America.
She is posting daily updates on her blog, and many wellwishers link in regularly. If you'd like to support her, or just keep updated on progress, come back to this blog regularly...or for more, check out her website and blog.

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Edward said...

Dear Philbee,
Thanks for your valuable information, which of course calms down the fury of one who receives the news suddenly.
With your permission, I will share your blog with those who were in contact with me.