Monday, November 9, 2009

Change One Letter

Here's your challenge for today: take a movie title and change or add or remove just one letter, thereby changing the whole theme of the film. For example: "Shaving Private Ryan", "Pilates of the Caribbean", "It's a Wonderful Lime"...that sort of thing. Yeah, it's silly and a bit of time-waster, but fun too, and who isn't up for a little distraction from the more mundane aspects of our day?
So here're some altered titles I prepared earlier. I'm sure you'll figure out what the original movie titles were...but then allow your imagination to envisage how the "new" title might change the plot!
"Planet of the Ales", "Fatman Begins", "Cinderella Ran", "The Bedding Singer", "Some Like It Not", "The Pound of Music", "Raid In Manhattan", "Gone With The Wine", "The Bookie", "The Lake Mouse", "Never Been Missed", "Fission Impossible", "Riding In Cars With Toys", "Graveheart", "Dunces With Wolves", "The Dummy" (and it's sequel, "The Dummy Returns"), and my favourite: "Lord of the Rings: The Two Mowers"!

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