Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fluvia Lacerda and "16"

The plus-size brand IGIGI (pron: ee zhee zhee) has commissioned a short promotional clip entitled "16", starring the stunning Brazilian plus-size supermodel Fluvia Lacerda. In the company’s words:
This film is about beauty – real beauty. Not the artificial, airbrushed, enhanced, starved beauty we are bombarded with everyday. It is about a powerful, sexy woman who loves herself and her body.
It’s certainly beautifully shot and Fluvia looks amazing. Whether or not you appreciate plus-sized women, have a look...and wait for the line at the end: it'll make you think!

PS: 26 March 2010 - Here's the next clip in the IGIGI/Fluvia series...

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Dillan, NC said...

Wow, she's GORGEOUS!