Sunday, August 30, 2009

Longlining - Indiscriminate Killer

In the paper recently, an article about a tangled humpbackfemale humpback entangled in fishing lines off the coast of Tonga...
These "long lines", up to 60 miles/96km long (!!) with baited hooks on them every few metres, are left floating in deep waters. The fishing method is constantly criticised by conservation groups for its indiscriminate hooking of unwanted catches (it's claimed 100-thousand albatrosses, 20-thousand turtles, 3-million sharks and tens of thousands of sea mammals are killed by longlines annually).
...this particular whale was exhausted by her struggles to free herself, her body was cut by the lines, and her pectoral fins pinned collage of Tony Wu's beautiful whale photographsto her sides effectively reduced her survival chances to zero. Even as photographer Tony Wu captured the sad image, he saw sharks moving in for the kill.
These deaths happen far too often and, unless the practise of "long-lining" is restricted or banned, will continue.
Da Man himself, Tony WuA positive side to this story is discovering Tony Wu's website, featuring gorgeous photos of humpbacks at play. When you see these majestic creatures frolicking, it's easy to smile. Thanks, Tony!

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