Thursday, August 27, 2009

Definitions of Yardie/Yardy/Yada...

People often search this blog for the meaning of "yardie". So here're some definitions for your reading pleasure and education:
scene from poor Trenchtown(1a) Yardie/Yardy (Jamaican slang): a name for occupants of government yards in Trenchtown, a poor neighbourhood in West Kingston, Jamaica.
(1b) an expression for someone (Jamaican or foreign) who knows their way around the island, and especially the ghetto.
(1c) derogatory, refers to low-income workers in the yards of wealthy West Indies landowners.
(2) Yardie: member of a (nonexistent) international crime ring of Jamaicans dispensing drugs and violence.
(3) Yardie (British slang): wannabee criminals of Jamaican origins, characterised by excessive jewelry, puffer-jackets, A wannabe somebody nobody!baseball caps and extremely strong accents. Many operate in London, dealing in drugs and protection rackets. Frequently seen driving BMWs with darkened windows, they like to visibly display their status: expensive gold jewellery, designer suits, sunglasses, weapons. Often violent to those who show 'disrespect'.
...intelligence test!(4) Yardie (Australian slang): someone employed to do the running-around in a car sales yard: a yard gopher.
(5) Yardie (Aust./NZ slang): a "yard glass", a 1m/3ft.long 2L glass with a bulbous shape at each end. Filled with beer and drunk fast at 21st. parties, often followed quickly by vomiting. If you can't scull your yardie ie: drink it without stopping (and keep it down), you fail.
It's a local intelligence test. Jerry Seinfeld
Spelling variations include YARDIE, YARDY, YARDI.
Closely related in sound but not definition is the phrase, "yada yada yada". Used extensively in the '90s tv series Seinfeld, it's a modern equivalent of "blah, blah, blah" (which is early 20th.century). The "yada" phrase originated in USA in WWII: it's an indication that something is predictable, repetitive or tedious. Variations of this phrase include: YADA YADA YADA, YARDA YARDA YARDA, YARDI YARDI YARDI and YARDY YARDY YARDY (hence the title of this blogsite!)

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