Tuesday, August 25, 2009

DB Soldiers On!

DB Draught product labelFor many New Zealanders, the flavour of a particular beer is woven into the very fabric of their lives.
For me, it's DB Draught: the taste takes me back to my childhood, when dad would mix me a shandy (½ DB, ½ lemonade) as a Christmas treat.
As an adult, though I don't drink much beer, when I do it's always DB Draught. That unmistakable DB core flavour has appeared over the years in a myriad of variations e.g.: DB Bitter, DB Export Gold. So imagine my concern upon hearing DB Draught was no longer being made!!! This DEMANDED clarification so I contacted DB direct, and got this reply:
Relax, there is no substance to any of the rumours you have heard about DB Draught ceasing production. DB Draught is a great beer, has many fans like yourself and brewing production continues to keep trucking on. Great to hear your passion for the brand. Enjoy!
Jarrod Bear, DB Brand Manager.

So if you're a DB fan who'd heard this rumour...relax, and crack open a Draught for me!

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