Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dog Eat Dog...

One nasty pitbull less...is it really a great loss?Many NZers were stunned by the recent story of a South Auckland man eating his pet dog!
The man, originally from Tonga, acted within New Zealand law when he barbequed his pitbull. To him, this was no big deal: apparently dog is "good food" in Tonga, as in places like Asia and Africa. The SPCA sees it differently, but can't prosecute because the animal was killed humanely with minimal pain and suffering.
Under our Animal Welfare Act, it's legal to kill a dog if it is slaughtered swiftly and painlessly. This allows owners to put down an animal which is suffering, without incurring vet expenses. But because of the consumption angle, many find the man's actions unacceptable.
Different cultures have varying tolerances. For example, many tourists are horrified to find Australian restaurants serving kangaroo. I've eaten elephant in Africa. In season, hunters here are allowed to kill swans...but, to clarify, those examples all stem from sanctioned culling.
I don't presume there'll be a plethora of pet pooch pot-roasts following this incident. But is a law change needed in anticipation? Or an education programme for our Pacific Island community?
New Zealanders don't walk their dogs down the street as a cleverly-disguised method of keeping the fat off their soon-to-be Sunday roast. These're PETS, to whom their owners have emotional bonds and therefore eating them is not acceptable in NZ – whether legal or not. When you live here, adherance to our society's behaviour is expected.
That doesn't stop anyone back in Tonga having a spaniel-snack or dining on dobermann. But when in Rome...


Richard said...

Funny you should mention Kangaroos. I was shocked to learn this too, and seeing Kangaroo meat next to lamb chops in the supermarkets! WTF!?!?

There is fierce debate in Australia on the 'culling' of Kangaroos.

Being stupid humans, we have interfered too much with the natural order of the bush, and protected too much of it.

This in turn has created a lush oasis of food for Kangaroos, who now multiply far too much as a result, so we shoot the bastards dead... I mean, perform a routine cull.

rose said...

But it is very disgusting to eat a dog Philbee

Anonymous said...

Wonder what it taste like? Not that I wanna try. And do different breeds have different flavours?

Philbee - said...

Yes, we Westerners mostly DO find it disgusting...yet in many Asian countries, the practise is commonplace. I examine this further in my post on Wed.2nd. Sept: "Dog Eat Dog #2".
My apologies to any dog-owners who may be upset by this subject.