Friday, September 11, 2015

Racial Harmony In The Laundry?

If you let your laundry accumulate, a new generation of 'double' washing machines will clean two loads of clothes at once!
No, it's not a stereo speaker!
A new domestic toy - with two drums stacked on top of one another - was unveiled recently at a tech conference in Berlin.
Made by Haier, it's aimed at families and anyone who has 'unexpected laundry needs'. The Duo washing machine allows users to start two different cycles in the upper and lower drum, and run them at the same, or different times as needed.
Haier: "Colours and whites can be washed simultaneously yet seperately, or a selection of different fabrics such as wools and cottons."
The machine is operated using a touchscreen in the front, as well as via a smartphone app, which allows users to start a load when they are out and about.
The unit's 12kg capacity is spit between 4kg for the upper drum and 8kg for the lower. The upper drum can run 12 different programmes, and the lower drum 18. Each is powered by a motor built to last more than 10 years and one water inlet is needed to supply both drums.
Mummy will be pleased! Oh, hurrah!
Haier has not revealed pricing or availability yet.

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