Friday, September 4, 2015

Final Four? Forget It!

The final four designs for a proposed new NZ flag were released this a less-than-enthusiastic response.
The designs were revealed by the Flag Consideration Panel as a new poll shows nearly half of voters are open to a change. A small majority - 53% - do not support a change, and 23% say they do support change 'in principle'. 61% of women want to keep the current flag, compared to 44% of men.
Thousands of design submissions were narrowed down to a long-list of 40, before the final four were revealed:
Woop de doo!
Three of the designs feature the silver fern...the preference of Prime Munster John Key (who's driving this issue as hard as he can!). The 'plain black with silver fern' was not on the shortlist: Key went cold on that, after a similarity to the Islamic State flag was noted.
Now the Great Unwashed will rank the four designs in the first referendum this November. A 2nd referendum next March will pit the preferred alternative against the current flag.
Flag Minister Bill English (Wow! What a promotion!!) says there's lotsa talk about the low level of public turnout to meetings...AND the cost: two referendums + consultation = $26 million!
Prime Munster Key denies Referendum No.1 is deliberately timed to coincide with the jingoistic Rugby World Cup mood *yawn*. No! No! Of course not. Riiiiiigghhtt!!
Meanwhile, it's been revealed that one of the long-list flags was removed after a copyright claim. And BTW, the NZ Rugby Union has made it damned clear that any successful choice involving a silver fern must NOT copy the NZRU design...or else! So, battle-lines are drawn...while most kiwis yawn!
But NZers are urged not to snooze over this issue, or the Republican Attitude of Key's Cronies will sneak by under cover of apathy.

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